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Journaling daily does more than document your foster child’s day. Research proves journaling is a safe, cathartic release for the stresses of daily life.

Behavior tracking icon

Behavior Tracking

Identify and track behavior patterns over time to determine if particular events or particular settings are possible triggers.

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Discussion Forums

Get feedback from everyone on the team about a specific topic, struggle or question. Collaboration at its best!

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Photo Galleries

Document your foster child’s activities, achievements, and key life events so everyone on your team can share in your foster child’s experiences.

Alerts icon


Automatic text message and email notifications to caseworkers, supervisors and counselors in the event of abuse disclosures or other data driven triggers.


Schedule important events so everyone on your team is aware. (birthdays, parent visits, FTMs, court dates, caseworker visits, etc.)


Make your agency's forms available online, allowing for easy input and submission, including electronic signatures.


Notes make it easy for other members of the team to provide updates and documentation.


Now finding a time to meet that works for everyone is easy and efficient. No emails. No phone calls.

Agency Dashboards*

Give agency supervisors a tool to measure caseworker and foster parent engagement, tasks, foster child abuse disclosures and well-being.

File Management*

Manage files with an easy to store system. Share and access files related to your foster care team.

Task Management*

Keep track of who is responsible for what, when items are due and how much progress has been made.

Learn what we can do for agencies and foster parents.

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*This module becomes available once your foster care agency registers with FosterCare.Team.

FosterCare.Team is very easy to use. It's going to be a game changer for increasing foster parent support and improving foster parent retention.

Crissy Mayberry, Executive Director, Hope for One More

A truly exciting development to promote timely communication, service provision, supports and successful outcomes for children in the foster care system.

Irene Clements, Executive Director, National Foster Parent Association

I like that I was able to have updates about the kids both positive and negative whenever I needed them.

Brittany S., Caseworker

I am especially fond of the capacity to look at patterns in behaviors over time.

Dr. Carmen B., Licensed Psychologist, RPT-S

I found FosterCare.Team to be very user friendly and efficient. I would very much recommend this system to both foster and adoptive families.

Jennifer F., LMSW Adoption Specialist

Above all I liked that behaviors were tracked. By having a foster parent track behaviors, I can more accurately correlate the behaviors to an antecedent.

Brittany S., Caseworker

FosterCare.Team is a great resource and has exceeded our every need.

Nicole B., Foster parent

As a former private agency foster care worker, former licensing worker, former CASA, formal legal guardian/foster parent, and current therapist contracting with DHHS, I strongly recommend FosterCare.Team.

Diana S., MA, LLP, RPT

I believe the greatest advantage is that all individuals are connected and it minimizes the phone tag and lack of communication that is often experienced in the foster care system.

Dr. Carmen B., Licensed Psychologist, RPT-S

Foster parents can often tell us behaviors are worse after some visits but with journaling I feel we have a more unbiased picture of what could be leading to stress in children.

Brittany S., Caseworker

I appreciated that I could read feedback from the children’s therapists and gather their input so ensure that we were all on the same page.

Jennifer F., LMSW Adoption Specialist

The daily journal entries were very helpful to me as a therapist in treatment planning as well as supporting, advising and encouraging foster parents working with children with difficult problems.

Diana S., MA, LLP, RPT