Family First Act

While the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) certainly has elements that are intended to bolster the well-being of children in care, the main emphasis of the bill is to prevent children from entering foster care by providing services to families who are at risk of entering the child welfare system.

These services are typically implemented, monitored and supported using a team approach.  That's where we come in.  Using our suite of team-centric modules, we allow a team of service providers to wrap around the family needing assistance.  This team can bring together family members and professionals that are interested in the family's well-being, creating an intensive family preservation plan that works through a combination of team building, coordinating both natural and professional supports, brainstorming and developing strategies, and accessing and utilizing the community's resources and services.  A key element of success is crystal clear communication that is documented and date-time stamped.  It builds accountability and keeps relationships professional by avoiding the he-said-she-said issue.


Family first image


For example, use the calendar to manage expectations for appointments.  Use the scheduling module to easily schedule a face-to-face meeting with the team.  The birth parents can use the journaling module to provide updates on life changes, successes, and struggles.  The task module, with automated reminders, helps everyone stay on top of their to-do items.  Any forms that need to be completed can be offered and completed online.  Using our forms module, there is no need to wait for the paperwork to be returned.  Do files need to be shared?  Great!  Not only can you add files to comments, journals, tasks, and notes, but there is a dedicated file management module as well.  Have files that don't need to be shared, but do need to be organized with other case files?  That's no problem.  You can easily change the security on the uploaded file to limit who on the team can see it.

When deploying Family First initiatives, use FosterCare.Team to facilitate improved documentation, communication, and accountability.  

Price: Free with the purchase of foster care caseworker seats

We license our system to child welfare agencies based on the number of foster care caseworkers using the system.  Everyone else is free, including birth parents and their wraparound teams.  If your agency doesn't offer foster care services, but you would like to utilize our system, please contact us.