FosterCare.Team is a great tool that gives an adoption worker a glimpse into the life of the child with their prospective foster to adopt family.  The journal module allows for the documentation of experiences and events, while the behavior and emotion tracking tools can be used not only for the child being adopted, but for the adopting family's other children as well.  


I greatly appreciated utilizing FosterCare.Team.  Whenever I had a few minutes, I could log on to obtain recent updates regarding the children instead of having to call or email the foster parents every week or every other week to find out about how the children were doing and to receive updates after medical appointments or school evaluations.  The foster parents could add the information when they were able and I could obtain the information when I was able to.  I appreciated that I could also read feedback from the children's therapists and gather their input to ensure that we were all on the same page.


Jennifer F., Adoption Specialist, D.A. Blodgett St. Johns



Much like the licensing process, a task structure with automatic reminders, a feedback loop, web forms, and easy file attachments can be put in place to wrap around the adopting family during the adoption process.  Easy communication and documentation make the adoption process less stressful, more organized and efficient.

Price: Free with the purchase of foster care caseworker seats

We license our system to child welfare agencies based on the number of foster care caseworkers using the system.  Everyone else is free, including adoption case managers.  If your agency doesn't offer foster care services, but you would like to utilize our system, please contact us.