Licensing Foster Parents

It's one thing to find someone interested in becoming a foster parent.  It's another thing to get them to complete the often burdensome and invasive licensing process.  One agency Executive Director in Texas contacted us for help.  He said, "We have over 200 prospective foster parents every year.  The problem is we don't license enough of them.  Sometimes, it's a communication breakdown, but other times we just don't know what happens.  We need something we can use to better wrap around these prospective foster parents to facilitate communication, documentation and to help them complete the licensing process."

With the use of FosterCare.Team, this agency creates a team for each prospective foster family.  The team comes with a pre-populated task structure that has their entire licensing process laid out in phases, which each phase containing the necessary steps for completion.  The tasks also come with automatic reminders, so the licensors don't have to remind the families to begin a task or when a task is scheduled to be completed.  Foster parents can work on the tasks and if they are stuck, simply add their question as a comment on the task and the licensor is immediately notified.  The licensor can respond and make sure the licensing process stays on track.  Our forms module makes it easy for prospective foster parents to fill out any necessary forms.  Required files like letters of recommendation or financial documents can easily be uploaded and attached to each relevant task, making them organized and easily located.

For the licensor, the drill down task structure makes it easy to see where families are in the licensing process and if any tasks are stalled.  They can see all activity for each family and it's incredibly easy to provide support, encouragement and to stay engaged with the prospective foster family.  They can also see all of their families at a high level, where each one is in the licensing process, and drill down into any problem areas.

With FosterCare.Team, you have a simple to use and powerful collaboration platform you can wrap around your prospective foster parents to not only help them complete the licensing process, but also demonstrate how your agency is able to provide outstanding support and communication. 

Price: Free with the purchase of foster care caseworker seats

We license our system to child welfare agencies based on the number of foster care caseworkers using the system.  Everyone else is free, including licensing case managers.  If your agency doesn't offer foster care services, but you would like to utilize our system, please contact us.