Keep everyone up to date with current and future schedules.


Calendar module demo videoThe team calendar is a simple module used to keep track of all your team's events.  It could be tracking birth dates, doctor, dentist and counseling visits for the foster child, or team meetings and court dates.  Anyone on the team can add an event to the team calendar.  It's another great way to make sure everyone is aware of the events going on in the life of a foster child.

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Caseworkers, who oversee multiple teams, will find their calendar contains events for all of their teams in one location.  They can still access a specific team to see just that team's calendar, but it's great to have everything roll up into one calendar for easy access.

For role-based teams, like an 'All Foster Parent' team, use the team calendar to highlight support group meetings, training or special events.

Finally, use the iCal link to stay up to date with the updates to the team calendar in your favorite calendaring software, such as Google Calendar.


Calendar module screen shot