File Management


Keep your shared, team files organized and accessible.


File management module demo videoThe file management module is a simple tool used to keep track of your team's files.  While not all files would be good candidates for uploading (for example, we don't recommend a counselor upload their counseling session notes), there are some files that are nice to keep handy or are worth sharing.  For example, a child's IEP or 504 plan, permission slips from the birth parents, report cards, or a signed "medical permission to treat" form.

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The file management module gives you a virtual hard drive where you can create your own, custom folder structure for organizing and storing your team files any way you want.  We track not only who uploads files and when they were uploaded, but also who views and downloads them and when those events occurred.


file management module screen shot


When files are upload, users can flag them to sent urgent text message notices to team members:

Urgent text flag


As with all aspects of our system, by default, all team members will have access to the uploaded content:

Default team access


However, the user can limit the visibility and access to the file to specific members of the team.  They can even upload the file so only they have access to it.   In a similar way, they can also limit visibility and access to the folders they create.

Limit access to the file


Like what you see?  Want to see more?  Request a demo:

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