Provide easy access to your agency's forms.

Now sending and receiving forms doesn't have to be a tedious process.  

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Forms can be created that look exactly like the forms you use today.  Forms are tied to an agency.  They can be accessed from any team within the agency that has the 'Forms' module enabled.  When a user accesses a form, fields on that form can be pre-populated with known information about the agency, team, user, caseworker, and supervisor.  The completed form is automatically converted to a PDF and emailed to the desired recipient.  The recipient can be manually determined ahead of time, determined based on the information passed into the form or entered manually.  Forms accept electronic signatures if the user is using a touchscreen device like a phone, tablet or laptop.  They can simply sign their name with their finger or stylus.  Electronic signatures can also be captured through mouse input.

The screenshot below shows how to access the agency's forms from within a team:

forms for a team


This screenshot shows how to access forms for all teams the user has access to.  Forms can be prepopulated with information from the specific team they are used for.  Which team they are used for can also determine who is emailed the completed form.

forms for all teams

We build each custom form for our clients using our powerful form builder.  Simply send us a copy of your existing form and we can get started.  (A one-time form creation fee applies to each form.)  We can utilize of 30 different form input fields, we can use logic to determine which fields to show or hide, payments can be accepted, calculations can be made...there is a lot of flexibility here.  Oh, and the form can incorporate your agency's colors and logo.

form builder


I'd like to see a demo