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Fact Sheet


FosterCare.Team Facts

  • Development of FosterCare.Team began in July 2015.
    • Initially, we intended this to a be a private solution, simply to meet the needs of our foster family.
    • After positive feedback from our foster care team, we decided to make some changes to our platform so it could be used by agencies and other foster parents.
  • FosterCare.Team opened for public use in April 2018 but has been used privately since 2015.
  • Our official launch date is April 30, 2018.  While technically the website was available and open to the public prior to that date, April 30 represents 4 years to the day of when our now adoptive children came to us as foster children.  We couldn't think of a better date to officially launch.
  • Co-Founder Jason Bays, a Hope College graduate, has designed and developed custom software systems since 1996.
  • Co-Founder Nikki Bays, a Grand Valley State University graduate, has worked as a special education teacher, invention specialist and early childhood specialist since 1995.
  • Jason and Nikki have six children, including four who were adopted from foster care.


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