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About Us

Our tools help provide better support for foster parents and higher quality of care for foster children.


It is said that necessity is the mother of invention.  That was certainly true in our case. 

During our foster care licensing training in 2014, the trainer stressed over and over in each training was, "keep a daily journal", "take copious notes", "document everything."  We heard it from the foster care worker, our licensor, therapists and other foster families.  We understood how important it was to record daily events, disclosures, behaviors and share the information with others who were involved in the case.  We kept waiting for someone to tell us which software package to use for this, or any tools other than a spiral notebook, but no one did.  Simply because there wasn't one. 

We started with email.  That was inefficient, and people were inevitably left off the email chains.  Next, we tried One Note, which was a good solution for Microsoft savvy users, until it bogged down in month three and became unwieldy due to the amount of information it held.  Additionally, it was limited.  We wished for so much more than One Note could offer.  Once we'd filled up our second One Note notebook, we knew something had to change.  We searched and searched for an app, software, website, anything that could provide a vehicle to hold journal entries and allow caseworkers, counselors, and the GAL to view the information.  A tool that could also hold photos, discussions, calendars, and visually track behaviors would be a bonus.  We found nothing.  By 2015, we were frustrated. 

Being a foster family brings enough challenges, that these issues seemed like an easy fix.  We were flummoxed that there were no solutions.  So, with 25 years of educational experience, working with children and young adults with special needs, particularly those with behavioral and emotional struggles and 25 years of developing customized software and online solutions, we decided we could do something.  So we did.  It was an incredible tool for our foster care team.  After a couple of years of use and at the urging of our caseworker and foster care agency, we made our platform available to the public so other agencies and foster families could experience the same benefits we did.  We officially launched our foster care communication and collaboration platform on April 30, 2018.

FosterCare.Team provides a web-based suite of tools designed to improve the quality of support for foster parents and the quality of care for foster children.  This is accomplished through the facilitation of communication between everyone involved in a foster care team.

FosterCare.Team is a private and secure website.  All information is kept confidential, encrypted while in transit and only shared among invited members of the foster care team.

FosterCare.Team is not intended to replace your current case management system, but rather supplement it, integrate with it and serve as the collaboration platform your teams operate in.

Our system includes modules for journaling, secure messaging, group discussions, photo galleries, task lists, calendars, storing common files, bookmarks, etc.  You can also track child behaviors, emotions, parent visits, abuse disclosures, etc.  There are even alert flags allowing you to immediately send notifications to your caseworker and their supervisor.  Our Outlook plugin makes it easy to initiate secure messages from Microsoft Outlook and track those messages and replies securely in the appropriate team.

We make it simple and convenient for everyone on a foster care team to stay up to date with the daily activities and needs of children in foster care and their foster parents.  All the information is in one place and everyone on the team has access to it.  

We trust this system will be as beneficial to you as it was to our foster care team and our foster children.  And by the way, since you probably don't hear this enough, THANK YOU for making a difference in the life of a foster child.


Jason & Nikki Bays

Jason and Nikki Bays