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Jason Bays, President and Chief Evangelist
Media resources: https://fostercare.team/about_us


New FosterCare.Team Solution Links All Parties
in the Continuum of Care


Web-based tools aim to enhance communication and collaboration among all parties, from birth and foster parents to caseworkers, attorneys, therapists, and schools.


Grand Rapids, Michigan - April 30, 2018 – FosterCare.Team today announced its official site launch, with secure registration open through the website to foster parents, counselors, caseworkers, supervisors, and agencies. This new collaborative software solution is designed exclusively for the foster care community to enhance the quality of care and to help agencies attract and retain more foster parents.

FosterCare.Team was conceived by a husband and wife team to address an unmet need in the system. Foster parents themselves, Jason and Nikki Bays intimately understood the challenges faced by foster families and by the entire care team. Left frustrated by the absence of simple solutions for journaling and sharing progress with all parties involved in their child’s care, the two built their own—bringing a quarter century of experience in custom software development and equivalent tenure in education including a concentration on children and young adults with special needs.

FosterCare.Team is the result of years of research and development. This encrypted, highly secure, collaborative environment unites all stakeholders who contribute to and track each child’s progress throughout the continuum of care. Features include journaling, behavior tracking, photo galleries, discussion forums, file management, and a searchable data archive. Shared calendars also help to coordinate important events such as court dates, caseworker visits, and birthdays while task management tools and alerts ensure important due dates and disclosures are never overlooked. The training module allows for easy dissemination of resources and training materials to an agency’s foster parents.  The Agency Dashboard ties it all together to notably streamline and simplify the workload for foster care supervisors.

Recent surveys reveal up to 60% of foster parents quit during their first year.  The reasons cited include lack of support, training and poor communication from a caseworker or agency, struggles dealing with grief and loss and overall stress.  “We hope to make care management smarter and easier while addressing the primary causes that are driving foster parent turnover,” explained Jason Bays, Co-founder of FosterCare.Team.  “Research proves the most effective asset for recruiting new foster parents is existing foster parents.  We believe the most effective asset for supporting and retaining existing foster parents is FosterCare.Team.  We’re extremely proud of the positive response we’re already receiving not only from foster parents and case workers but also therapists charged with the design of treatment plans.”  Learn more or register at https://fostercare.team/.


About FosterCare.Team

FosterCare.Team is a secure web-based care portal that unites all parties involved in care planning, training, and supervision. The company personalizes the process of caring for a child while offering a historical data archive that can carry forward and follow each child throughout their development or as they transition to other caseworkers. The company aims to serve all parties involved in foster care, including public and private foster care and adoption agencies.


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