Faith and Community Teams

Child welfare agencies are constantly working with families in need.  These could be birth families, foster families or even teens in independent living.  The needs could be anything from critical home repairs to a warm jacket or a bus pass, or anything in between.  Often these needs go unmet because agencies don't have the resources and time to meet them.

Faith-based and community volunteer organizations often have the opposite problem.  They have teams of volunteers looking for ways to make a difference in their communities.  However, they have trouble finding the families that really need help. 

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A "Faith and Community Team" connects these two groups of people.  It is a team created by a child welfare agency and allows the agency to post a need from one of the families they are working with.  All members of the team are notified of this new need and if anyone can step up to meet the need, they can reply.  Sometimes the needs are complex, but through collaboration, different volunteers from different groups are able to work together to each provide a piece of the solution.  

It's a simple concept really, but the results can be profound.  Connecting families in need with people and organizations that can meet those needs changes the lives of those directly involved and the generations to come.   It's about communication.  It's about collaboration.  It's about making a difference.


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Make your needs known

Automatically alert your support and service team members of a need.  Based on their notification settings, they can receive an email every time a new support opportunity is posted.  If a need is urgent, flag it as urgent and your team can be notified via text message.

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Solve problems using collaboration

Sometimes it takes multiple people and multiple groups to solve a problem.  Coordinating can be a nightmare unless you are using a collaboration system.  With collaboration, using multiple people or organizations to meet a need is not only possible, it's also easy because everyone can see what everyone else is saying.  Communication isn't funneled through one person, it's funneled through one system, and that system keeps the team on the same page.

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Price: Free with the purchase of foster care caseworker seats

We license our system to child welfare agencies based on the number of foster care caseworkers using the system.  Everyone else is free, including people who are meeting family needs in your "faith team".  If your agency doesn't offer foster care services, but you would like to utilize our system, please contact us.