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What types of payment options do you accept?

All the major ones: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB. 

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Does this price include support?

Yes!  Not only does it include support for your agency's employees, it also includes support for all of your foster care team members, such as foster parents, counselors, GALs, etc.  Support is available by phone, live chat, and email.

Is this a lifetime agreement?

We hope so, but it's up to you.  You may cancel at any time.  We believe our innovative product and great customer service will allow us to earn your business every month.

Can I change the number of caseworker seats in my plan?

Yes, you can!  Whoever has the role of an 'Agency Director' has the ability to increase or decrease your caseworker seats at any time from your agency's setup screen.

How does training work?

We can provide remote training for your team.  It will last about an hour and a half to two hours and it will be recorded so future employees can watch.

Will we have a dedicated customer success manager?

Yes!  Their job is to make sure your agency and teams are successful and 100% satisfied with FosterCare.Team.  

More questions?

If we're online (if you see a chat icon in the bottom right of your screen we are), feel free to chat us up.  Otherwise, you can send us a message.

Why FosterCare.Team?

  • Now you can finally enjoy the same efficiency gains that businesses have experienced with their collaboration software.
  • Our collaboration and communication platform has been customized to meet the unique needs of foster care agencies and their teams.
  • We address the primary drivers of foster parent turnover so you can...
    • improve your agency's ability to support foster parents and children.
    • make communication simple and efficient.
    • provide greater access to training resources.
    • help foster parents reduce stress and process grief and loss.
    • increase transparency.
    • speed up problem-solving.
    • help everyone see a clearer big picture.
    • improve child welfare.
    • support foster parents, keep them happy and retained.

Foster Care dot Team software is you best asset

Features we think you'll love:

  • FosterCare.Team runs on Macs, PCs, smartphones and any other device that can load a web page.
  • Phone dictation makes creating journal entries a breeze.
  • Data triggered alerts notify your team about urgent and important items.
  • The Agency Dashboard gives you oversight into foster child well-being, foster parent engagement and caseworker interaction.

Create Your Agency Subscription

We like to keep things simple and straightforward.  There is no long-term contract.  If you aren't happy with the system for any reason, simply cancel your account and the payments stop.       

There is a one time charge of $500 for the creation of your agency, training, and implementation of FosterCare.Team.  That is a one time only fee.  Next, monthly licensing pricing is based on the number of caseworkers/case managers licensed in your agency.  All other agency employees (Director, Supervisors, Program Managers, Administrators, and Licensors) are unlimited and free of charge.  Additionally, all invited members of your foster care teams (foster parents, counselors, GALs, mentors, adoption workers, CASAs, etc.) are unlimited and free of charge.  There is no limit to the number of teams your agency can create and teams can be created at no additional price.  You may increase, decrease or cancel your membership plan at any time.  There is a 5 caseworker seat minimum.

Let's get started!  Still have questions?  Give us a call at 616-414-1886, contact us or use the live chat widget at the bottom, right corner of this screen (if we're online, it will be visible). 

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Agency Details
Price per unit Units Billing
Caseworker Seats $50
One time fee for training, setup and implementation $500 one-time


IreneFosterCare.Team is an incredible new online program to keep everyone on a child's Service Team connected and involved.  It motivates active participation by all Team members including the foster caregivers so everyone stays up to date on what is happening with the child and their service plans.  A truly exciting development to promote timely communication, service provision, supports and successful outcomes for children in the foster care system.

Irene Clements, Executive Director, National Foster Parent Association

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Hope For One More Our agency works in a very rural, under-served area making communication very difficult. We are very excited about using Fostercare.Team to connect our foster parents to a support system, manage events and trainings, and help improve communication among team members on individual cases. It is very easy to use and Jason and his team have been amazing helping us get set up. They have done a great job working with us to make sure Fostercare.Team can be used to meet the individual needs of our agency while making sure we are still able to utilize it to it's fullest potential. Fostercare.Team is going to be a game-changer for increasing foster parent support and improving foster parent retention.

Crissy Mayberry, Executive Director, Hope for One More


DianaI have worked in some way within the Child Welfare System since 2000.  As a former private agency foster care worker, former licensing worker, former CASA, former legal guardian/foster parent, and current therapist contracting with DHHS, I would like to recommend FosterCare.Team.  I have had the pleasure of using FosterCare.Team with a family I am counseling.

The primary part of the system that I utilized was the daily journal written by the foster parents.  This was helpful to me as a therapist in treatment planning as well as supporting, advising and encouraging foster parents working with children with difficult problems.  The program eliminates the need for multiple emails to communicate with other team members and allows all team members to share information and comments back and forth without trying to coordinate a meeting.  I also used the photos and discussion sections.  It was nice to see some of the things that the children referenced in sessions and enabled me to relate to more of their lives outside of the therapy office.  The discussion section allowed interaction regarding a specific issue or question that needed attention or thought prior to the next appointment.  If I was working with multiple families using the system, I would have used the teams section to help me keep track of who's who in each case.

I would have liked to have this system available to me when we had a foster child in our home.  It would have reduced the number of emails I needed to send and calls I needed to make to communicate with other members of the team working with my foster child.  I would have been able to write the information in one central location and members of the team would have been able to access them as they had time.

Diana S., MA, LLP, RPT


BrittanyI really like the journaling I was able to read in FosterCare.Team. The idea of foster parent journaling in a place where I can access it is fantastic. I like that I was able to have updates about the kids both positive and negative whenever I needed them. I felt like I needed to “bug” the foster parents less for things like grades or last IEP meeting date. But above all I liked that behaviors were tracked. By having a foster parent track behaviors, I can more accurately correlate the behaviors to an antecedent. Foster parents can often tell us behaviors are worse after some visits but with journaling I feel we have a more unbiased picture of what could be leading to stress in children.

Brittany S., Foster Care Specialist


CarmenI am writing in support of FosterCare.Team which allows a community approach to communication concerning children in the Foster Care system.  As a service provider, the FosterCare.Team program allows me access to information about how my clients are doing on a daily basis.  I also have access to information regarding who is currently involved with the children as far as workers and legal representation (individuals who typically change two to three times or more with each case in my current experience).  I am especially fond of the capacity to look at behavior over time as it allows me the opportunity to determine if there are triggers on a particular day or in a particular setting.

FosterCare.Team allows me to input as little or as much as I want.  I may go in to just catch up on the progress of my clients, or I may respond to an issue or a question in a reasonable time, rather than waiting until the next scheduled appointment.  If there is something that needs my attention it comes up in my email.  It can be a great way to problem solve as other individuals involved in the case can offer insight or suggestions.

This program gives the foster parents a place to vent and voice their frustrations in a timely manner.  They are able to receive the support that they need, rather than waiting for a scheduled time to talk.  It helps them to remember events that may have happened previously, and may have gone on the back burner as a more pressing matter arises.

Although there are many advantages in using the program, I believe the greatest advantage is that all individuals are connected and it minimizes the phone tag and lack of communication that is often experienced in the foster care system due to workloads and busy schedules.  This program has eliminated the frustration that often comes with lack of communication.  I am extremely excited about its potential in helping the children we serve.

Dr. Carmen B., Licensed Psychologist, RPT-S


JenniferI greatly appreciated utilizing FosterCare.Team.  Whenever I had a few minutes, I could log on to obtain recent updates regarding the children instead of having to call or email the foster parents every week or every other week to find out about how the children were doing and to receive updates after medical appointments or school evaluations.  The foster parents could add the information when they were able and I could obtain the information when I was able to.  I appreciated that I could also read feedback from the children's therapists and gather their input to ensure that we were all on the same page.  I also enjoyed the pictures the foster parents would put on the system of the children and the activities they were enjoying. 

I found this system to be very user-friendly and efficient.

I would very much recommend FosterCare.Team to both foster families and adoptive families.  I see a lot of benefit for treatment teams or professional teams to utilize this system to benefit a child or children, as well as the family and workers involved.

Jennifer F., Adoption Specialist, Special Needs Adoption Program